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Funeral cover is seldom considered until the time comes to organise a funeral. A funeral could cost anything between N$7 000 and N$30 000!

The problem is that access to funds is temporarily suspended until such time as the estate is wound up. Is it cover for yourself and immediate family; or cover for your extended family, which could include your mother, father, brother, aunt, uncle, even your in-laws? Take a look at our funeral cover solutions:

Here are some of the key benefits offered by our funeral cover:

  • Cover that pays a lump sum of money
  • Cash Back
  • Funeral Support - we will transport the deceased body to the final funeral home closest to the place of burial, within the borders of Namibia
  • Immediate accidental death cover from the moment you apply
  • Money Back Guarantee - a benefit equal to all premiums that have been received if an insured person dies due to non-accidental causes during the 6-month waiting period
  • Premium Holiday Benefit allows you to miss up to 6 premiums over the lifetime of the plan
  • Restart Benefit if your plan lapses